Must-Have Camera Accessories For Beginners

Must-Have Camera Accessories For Beginners

Getting your first digital camera is a great feeling. As an aspiring photographer, you will be jumping at the first chance to go out and test out your camera’s skills. However, there is some must-have digital camera equipment that all photographers should have as part of their camera gear when they get started.

This article discusses the top accessories that every aspiring photographer needs to own to get the most out of their camera.

Beginner Photographers: Setting Up The Perfect Shot

Taking the perfect photo is rarely as easy as point-and-shoot. While candid photos can turn out great, professional photographers always take the time to modify their camera’s settings to capture the shot they see in their mind. Different subjects and shooting conditions require different approaches.

Now that you have your beautiful new camera, you need to consider how to best capture stunning photos that will turn people’s heads.

Factors to take into account when you are setting up your shot:

  • Framing your subject with the rule of thirds to draw the viewer’s eye
  • Use of negative space to help your subject stand out
  • Using the right aperture and ISO settings for different light conditions
  • Use of different lenses for zoom and focus
  • Considering how focusing on foreground and background objects add depth to a shot
  • How white balance affects a shot

Many of these factors can be dealt with using camera settings. Yet while your new camera is loaded with new features, any good photographer will still need a few key accessories in their toolkit to get the shot they want.

Digital Camera Accessories

These are the digital camera accessories that we recommend to help you take your photo-taking game to the next level.

Digital Camera Bag

Digital cameras and lenses are delicate, so a sturdy camera bag is the first accessory you should invest in for your camera.

There are three main varieties of camera bags:

  • Sling shoulder bags
  • Roller bags
  • Camera backpacks

When choosing a bag, you need to keep in mind the kinds of accessories you want to carry, their weight, and activities you plan to use your camera for.

For example, if you’re going to hike up a mountain to take photos, you’ll likely want to invest in a backpack. However, if you’re more into wandering the city looking for inspiration, a shoulder bag might be your best bet.

Lens Filters

To capture a subject in the perfect light and environment, sometimes your camera will need a little help. A lens filter is fitted to the front of your camera lens and modifies the quality of light coming into the lens. Many lens filters are designed to enhance color, reduce reflections or protect the lens from damage in harsh conditions.

While software and AI have come a long way in digital photo processing, they still can’t achieve the same effect as the right lens filter. There are countless varieties of lens filters, which you can learn more about in this Photography Life article.

Sturdy Tripod

For the times when you really need to focus on framing, are using a long zoom or shooting in low light, a tripod is a must. While modern cameras have stabilization software, a tripod is still the go-to accessory for avoiding camera shake and avoiding blurring in your photos. They also encourage you to slow down and really think about your composition and framing.

And sometimes, you just don’t want to hold a heavy camera for that long!

When choosing a tripod for your camera, here are some factors to consider:

  • How much weight is the tripod designed to support?
  • How high (or low) is the tripod? Will it help you take shots you want?
  • The materials the tripod is made of vs. the conditions you plan to use it in
  • How easy is it to adjust the height of the tripod?
  • Is the tripod head recommended for your camera model?

Cleaning Kit

Whether you’re shooting in the wilderness or just at home, your camera is going to get dirty. Skin oils, fingerprints, dust, and dirt will inevitably build up on the lenses and inside your camera. If you don’t clean your camera regularly, your photo quality will suffer and you could do permanent damage to the camera.

A digital camera and its lenses are very sensitive pieces of equipment, so you’ll need to be careful to only use cleaning solutions and cloths designed to protect cameras and electronics.

You can use Whoosh! Screen Shine for a safe and effective clean. Screen Shine is a cleaning solution that is available as a spray or wipes and is formulated specifically to clean electronics with no risk of damage.

Using Screen Shine on your camera and lenses will keep them shiny, germ-free, and in great condition to take perfect photos for years to come!

Happy Shooting!

We hope you found this guide to camera gear for beginners helpful, and use our suggestions to get the most out of your camera. For more useful advice for photography beginners, be sure to also read our guide on keeping a DSLR camera clean and in good condition.