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The product that started at all. Screen Shine is the next-generation screen cleaner that wipes away dust, dirt, and grime and leaves your device shining like new. Screen Shine Pro is a perfect home office companion. 


  • POWERFUL SCREEN CLEANER  – specifically designed to clean your cell phone and other tech screens and make them shine like new.

  • FOR ALL ELECTRONIC SCREENS – Smartphones, iPads, Computer screens, Laptops, e-Readers, TV's, Eyeglasses and more
  • ODORLESS FORMULA – Use Screen Shine at home, at work, or on the road. Plus, it’s alcohol and ammonia-free.
  • INCLUDES OUR SOFT, NON-ABRASIVE PREMIUM MICROFIBER CLOTH –will remove dirt and grime from all of your tech devices.
  • FOR THE FIRST TIME - our commercial bottle, used by all Major Tech Retailers to clean their Stores is available for all


  • 1 bottle of Screen Shine (16. fl oz/500 mL)

  • 1 microfiber W! cloth (6 x 6 in/15 x 15 cm)

  • 1 microfiber W! cloth (14 x 14 in/37 x 37 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Love it

Simple as that

Great Customer Service

Had issue with first shipment. They responded right away sent new item. Still waiting for it. Which is not their fault it is Canada Post delayed

Fantastic Customer Service

Had a small issue with my first delivery. Inquired with them and they responded pretty quickly and sent new product out right away! Very impressed.


1. I had a small bottle obtained from the cell phone seller when we upgraded our cell phones a couple of years ago.j
I went online and found Whoosh again.
Totally satisfied with the great job it does of cleaning screens - -especially my cell - - it leaves the screen silky clean - - meaning I can slide a guiding finger over the screen and it doesn't drag . (until it gets dirty again)

I noticed a comment about not being able to fill the smaller bottles because the person couldn't get the top off the larger (spray) bottle - - Not A Problem - - all you have to do is take the top off the smaller bottle(s) and point the nozzle of the spray bottle into the opening and pump away. Itakes about 40 - 50 squirts into the smaller bottle to fill it.
Roplace the little pumper on the small bottle and VOILA - - a full usable small size dispenser.
** If you have the smaller bottles and they won't open by hand just use a pair of pliers and gently twist the cap/sprayer off. Should only have to do this once. Don't force the top of the big spray bottle as It may break then you won't have a sealable cap.
Hope this helps.

Cannot open any of these bottles

This is a reasonably good product - but it could be better. I bought two of the small bottles and one big one, thinking I could refill the small ones as they emptied. But as customer service pointed out to me, that can't be done, as they are glued shut for shipping. That might be logical for shipping but it is not environmentally useful, to have containers that can't be reused. So far, I have not been able to cut off the top of the big one, with any knife I have - but even if I could, it appears I would not be able to open the small ones.

Why choose us?

Our Promise

T-shirt and spit-polish don’t work but WHOOSH! does. It’s a matter of tech hygiene. In a nutshell...WHOOSH! cleans, polishes, resists fingerprints and it’s the only screen cleaner that is guaranteed safe for all screens. Ever wonder how Apple keeps their devices clean? WHOOSH is the only approved cleaner used in all Apple stores worldwide. Yup, our product is the only cleaner that has passed Apple's rigorous tests.

Solving Life's Dirty Moments

Prepare yourself for a rush of clean happiness. Our products are the solution for life's dirty moments, defining a whole new category of clean. Leveraging the latest advancements in formula development & biology based technologies we create superior and safe products that outperform other traditional and natural cleaning products.

what the heck is
tech hygiene?

Tech Hygiene is all about a clean new routine. You brush your teeth, you wash your hands – and now you’ll WHOOSH! your screens.

really clean!

With our state of the art manufacturing facility, our team is able to push the envelope and create the world's most innovative and unique line up of cleaning products. Our focus and commitment to our customers is to deliver high quality products that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

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