Webcam Privacy Cover

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FITS ALL DEVICES: It can be fitted to cover any webcam on a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

EASY TO USE: Simply position it over your webcam to install it and slide to open or close your camera.

PROTECTION & PRIVACY: It is perfect to provide privacy with this easy to install webcam cover, no one needs to see just how clean your screen is.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Neat and functional

Looks neat and tidy and it’s functional. Serves its purpose. Cheap too!

Hiromi I
Awesome camera cover!

Super discreet, don't even notice it too much so it's no eye sore. Very easy to apply, love the little slide door!

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Our Promise

T-shirt and spit-polish don’t work but WHOOSH! does. It’s a matter of tech hygiene. In a nutshell...WHOOSH! cleans, polishes, resists fingerprints and it’s the only screen cleaner that is guaranteed safe for all screens. Ever wonder how Apple keeps their devices clean? WHOOSH is the only approved cleaner used in all Apple stores worldwide. Yup, our product is the only cleaner that has passed Apple's rigorous tests.

Solving Life's Dirty Moments

Prepare yourself for a rush of clean happiness. Our products are the solution for life's dirty moments, defining a whole new category of clean. Leveraging the latest advancements in formula development & biology based technologies we create superior and safe products that outperform other traditional and natural cleaning products.

what the heck is
tech hygiene?

Tech Hygiene is all about a clean new routine. You brush your teeth, you wash your hands – and now you’ll WHOOSH! your screens.

really clean!

With our state of the art manufacturing facility, our team is able to push the envelope and create the world's most innovative and unique line up of cleaning products. Our focus and commitment to our customers is to deliver high quality products that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

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